Man’s attempt to pull out of parking spot is truly awful (with video)

Will Lerner
Odd NewsMay 7, 2014

Sarah Galet, assistant manager of Sports Clips, a barbershop in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, looked out the window of her workplace and noticed something unusual. She told WTAE Action 4 News, "I was standing up here and I see this guy backing out of his parking spot, but I knew he couldn't.” A driver’s attempt to get out his parking spot was so terrible that she rushed and told her co-workers. One of those co-workers, Ashley Miller, took out her phone and started to record it.

The driver, who hasn’t been named, was trying to back up his Honda CR-V but somehow managed to position his vehicle so that it was perpendicular to the cars parked next to it. Ms. Miller told WTAE, “This guy is literally diagonal getting ready to hit this car. I'm standing there like, 'This isn't real. Wehave to videotape this.’ Who does that? Who decides to pull out like that?” Ms. Miller recorded the Austin Powers-esque driving on her phone, and eventually captured footage of the man hitting another car.

Ms. Galet recognized the car that the Honda driver hit as one that belonged to her friend’s father, who was in a business next door. That’s when the driver tried to take off. She told WTAE, “One of the girls ran out and she was like, ‘You’re not leaving, you’re not leaving.’ He was like, ‘I have to go, I have to go.’ And, so, finally, he like stood and waited for the police to come. But, he got stuck like that. So, he had to wait for somebody to move.”

WTAE tried speaking with the driver, but say he wasn’t home when they came calling. The station also reports that Monroeville Police took a report, but because the driver didn’t actually leave, no crime was committed. The Honda driver and the owner of the car he hit exchanged insurance information.

More info: WTAE