Live grenade found at a Goodwill

Will Lerner
Odd News

First things first: The grenade was safely detonated by police and there were no injuries. WXII 12 News is reporting that police in Winston-Salem, North Carolina are currently investigating into how a live grenade wound up in a Goodwill store.

The Winston-Salem Journal reports that the grenade is believed to have been donated a WEEK ago and was inside one of their collection boxes. When police were called it was sitting on a desk, where it had been placed by the thrift store’s employees.

The Journal writes that Thomas Royal, a spokesman for Goodwill in North Carolina, told them that employees didn’t realize that they truly had a live and dangerous weapon on their hands. Arthur Gibel, Goodwill’s executive director, told the newspaper that many inert and non-dangerous grenades are donated to the stores every year.

When police were finally alerted, a bomb squad determined that it was, in fact, a live grenade and detonated it safely. WXII writes that police want to remind the public, “not to touch or move a suspicious or potentially dangerous device and instead contact law enforcement.” Winston-Salem police are also asking anyone who might have information regarding this incident to call them at 336-773-7700.

More information: WXII , Winston-Salem Journal