Kid discovers adult material on new Nintendo DS bought at Walmart

Will Lerner
Odd News

And by adult material, we mean pornography. WAVY 10 On Your Side News is reporting on a Hampton, Virginia family that is none-too-pleased with what they found on a Nintendo DS bought at a local Walmart: over a dozen sexual images.

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Tom Mayhew had bought the gaming system for his eight-year-old son. It started out fine, the kid played some games not knowing anything was lurking inside. But, when he and some of the other children at Mr. Mayhew’s home took a picture and went to go look at it, they were met with the surprising images.

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Tom wants to know how this happened, telling WAVY, “There is no reason for them to be even really on there. It's disgusting for one. It seems that this was the only thing left on it." He’s also annoyed that this item he bought believing to be new, was obviously used. Not as annoyed as he is about those pictures, though.

10 On Your Side is waiting to hear back from Walmart as to how this could’ve happened. As for Tom Mayhew, he’s now been forced into a conversation about the pictures with his son, a topic he hadn’t wanted to approach this soon.

More info: WAVY