It only took this guy 3,118 attempts to get health care

Will Lerner
Odd News

After over 3,000 attempts online and after speaking to nearly 50 people, Lew Garrett finally can say that he has healthcare. WKYC NBC 3 News is bringing folks the story of the Massillon, Ohio contractor who is making a case to have his picture next to the word “persistent” in the dictionary.

Mr. Garrett, a self-employed independent contractor, knew he was going to need health insurance because his former plan had been canceled. He started on October 1st, and encountered the same problems that have been repeated ad nauseum. After spending hours trying to get signed up and not getting anywhere, he began to keep a log of how many times he tried and how many times he spoke with someone. Mr. Garrett told WKYC, “It was 3,118 attempts. I had spoken to 49 people and only three of which I would trust with my order at the McDonald's drive-through.”

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On December 17, Garrett was able to claim to success…or did he? On Wednesday of this week he received an email from the Federal Marketplace notifying him that he still hadn’t signed up. This glitch turned out to be a minor one, however. After checking with his new insurance company he learned that he was all paid-up and good to go.

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So, was it worth it? It seems so. Prior to the Affordable Care Act, Mr. Garrett was paying $500 per month. The rate for his new plan, which he describes as “more encompassing than the last one”? $13. As Lew told the station, “It's truly affordable.”

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