High School Student Gets In-School Suspension for Saying 'Bless You'

Zain Meghji
Odd News

Though it might be a common response, one Tennessee high school student claims that her "Bless you" got her sent to in-school suspension. Kendra Turner, 17, took to her Facebook page to describe the scenario at Dyer County High School, posting:

Post by Kendra Turner.

According to MyFoxMemphis, Assistant Principal Lynn Garner explained, "The child was not punished," and that the school suspension is simply a supervised area in the main office for students when an issue needs to be looked into. He said there are still discrepancies between what social media has put out and what happened and that he has spoken to the teacher. "It was a class disruption, not a religious issue, that the school is dealing with."

Last night, posting to Facebook, Turner remained resolute that this was persecution, writing,


Post by Kendra Turner.