High school requires signed dance contract that bans twerking

Charlene Sakoda
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High school requires signed dance contract that bans twerking

Annapolis High School in Maryland is now requiring that students and parents sign a dance contract which aims to cut down on provocative dancing at the school’s next homecoming. As reported by WMAR ABC News, the contract outlines the school’s policies and expected student behavior very specifically. Junior Lexi Pline said, "The first day we get it, it's usually just kind of funny to read it because of the way, like the way they describe everything. It's kind of hilarious." The contract states that “sexually explicit dancing will not be tolerated,” and defines explicit dancing as “grinding,” “making out,” and “buttocks touching a partner or in the air.” The last point apparently intended to stop twerking at school functions. The Annapolis High School contract also prohibits students from “exposing excessive amounts of skin” and from using alcohol and drugs.

About a previous dance, Lexi explained, "They had people walking around a lot of the time, they had a bunch of chaperones and lot of the administrators would walk around and like break up dancing couples if they saw something that they didn't like…I did see a couple people told to leave." The dance contracts are not new, but this is the first year parental signatures are also required. 9 of the 12 high schools in the Anne Arundel County Public School system have adopted a dance conduct contract, some requiring that parents sign. It is left up to the individual school principals to construct the guidelines of student behavior.

School system spokesperson Bob Mosier told WMAR, “As the years have gone on, the provocative nature of dancing has become such that you need to communicate to students and to parents exactly what the expectations are and what the consequences for violations would be.” Parental contact information is requested and if a student is found violating the agreement their parent will be called to pick them up.

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