Guy's Wife Didn't Pose for Maternity Photos, So He Posed for 'Manternity' Photos

Zain Meghji
Odd News

Maternity photos capture a unique time in the life of any family, or family-to-be. They also, of course, usually feature pregnant women — until now.

Reddit user DruishPrincess69 wanted to celebrate the new addition to his family with some portraits, but his wife wouldn't go for it. So, rather than photograph her pregnant belly, he decided to feature his beer belly. He hired a photographer, dubbing the resulting album "manternity photos." Each one parodies photos seen in conventional maternity albums. There's the use of hands to highlight his belly, as he sports classic Superman undies. Another spotlights his killer ice cream craving. In another image, he inserts himself twice to create the classic "dad kisses baby bump," except it's him kissing his own beer bundle of joy.

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The pictures are a huge hit on Reddit, making the front page and receiving millions of views. There have been many supportive comments, including one user who wrote, "It's amazing. All of it." Others have added things to the photos for extra fun. We'll have to see if there's a follow-up — maybe if and when this future dad expects another pint or two.

In case you're curious, here's a picture of DruishPrincess69 when he's not "pregnant."

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What are your thoughts on this collection? This might have started a trend, and perhaps we'll be seeing many more beer-belly baby pictorials on Facebook soon.

Share your thoughts or inspired baby pictorials in the comments below!