Goats don’t care, walk all over man’s car

Will Lerner
Odd News

We goat to tell you about this story. Last week a man in Richmond, Maine had to call police when two rambunctious goats started attacking his Ford Focus. As The Kennebec Journal reports, these goats already have a reputation with local police.

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The incident happened the evening of April 19. A man was parked outside a house when two goats climbed on top of his vehicle. The driver then called Richmond Police. WMTW News reports that by the time a police officer arrived, the goats were still on top of the car. The officer managed to contact the goats’ owner, who then corralled the animals.

Richmond Police Chief Scott MacMaster says that the goats weren’t hurt, but the Focus did get scratches on its hood. He told the Journal, “The vehicle owner was going to get estimates and give it to the neighbor and hopefully take care of it civilly.” No charges were filed, but the goats aren’t newcomers to this kind of mischief. Chief MacMaster told the newspaper, “They have been known to get loose in the past.”

More info: The Kennebec Journal, WMTW