Gibraltar Set to Evict Some Monkeys Who Have Grown Too Mischievous

Zain Meghji
Odd NewsAugust 22, 2014

Gibraltar, at the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the most densely populated areas of the world and includes a couple hundred very special residents that make up the only group of wild monkeys in Europe.

The Barbary macaques are friendly with locals, and amuse tourists — but alas, for a few of them, their free reign may be over. Though they usually stay put at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, the macaques have been venturing down into the city center in search of a meal and are becoming a nuisance. One local told BBC News, "In the past three months, we’ve had whole packs of monkeys coming down — with a [male] leader," adding that some are aggressive and threatening.

There was a cull to reduce the macaque population a few years ago, but that is not seen as the solution now. This time around, 30 of the most daring of these primates will be captured, cared for by vets, and eventually sent to a safari park elsewhere.