Funeral home switches bodies, buries one in the wrong plot

Will Lerner
Odd News

A terrible incident has happened in Northern Virginia. WJLA ABC 7 is reporting that a funeral home mistakenly switched bodies and wound up burying the wrong one. Sadly, their alleged reaction to it only makes it worse.

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On November 21, Colonel Joseph Malvin Chapman passed away. A decorated officer, he served tours for the US Army in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Germany. His viewing was scheduled to happen on Friday, November 29 at Everly Funeral Home in Fairfax, Virginia. There was only one problem – his body wasn’t actually at that viewing. Someone else was in the casket, and Colonel Chapman had already been buried.

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Jim McClean, one of Colonel Chapman’s sons, was at first confused, but almost immediately recognized that it wasn’t his father. He told WJLA, “…just kept looking at him, it’s just like, ‘No way. There couldn’t be this much change. Finally, I got a picture, was on my phone, and we put the picture up next to him…Tip really was the receding hairline, the guy in the coffin had an extreme receding hairline.”

Everly Funeral Home’s alleged reaction was less than stellar. McLean told ABC 7 that the funeral home “dismissed” them. McLean then pointed out that his father’s twin brother, yes that’s right, Colonel Chapman’s twin brother, was there and that was surely proof enough. After that, the funeral home apparently refused to address them, until 15 minutes later when they checked toe tags and confirmed that they had literally made a grave error.

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The funeral home declined to speak with WJLA and ushered them off their premises. However, McLean says the funeral home director told him his father has already been buried in Winchester, a town that’s nearly an hour away. In the meantime, Colonel Chapman’s family will have to wait for a judge’s order to exhume his body. WJLA also reported that local police told Mr. McLean that, “mixing up bodies inside a funeral home is not a crime.” Though, something tells us that the Everly Funeral Home is still going to have a tough go of it in the coming days.

More info: WJLA