Families say babies' births predicts Cardinals World Series win

Charlene Sakoda
Odd NewsOctober 28, 2013
Families say babies' births predicts Cardinals World Series win

The Lipcaman family of Perry, Illinois believes that the birth of their son Kase this year assures a 2013 St. Louis Cardinals World Series win. Since 1982 when Kase’s father was born, the family has had a baby born in a year the Cards took the fall classic. Sarah Lipcaman, Aaron’s mom, explained to KHQA what happened during labor, "When we got to the hospital, the doctor and my husband were about to have a fit, because the Cardinals were playing in the World Series and heaven forbid, they couldn't be in labor with me. So they had to get me going and luckily I had the baby, had Aaron, before the ballgame that evening." Aaron was even named after The Redbirds’ announcer, Mike Shannon’s son Aaron Michael.

The family’s ties to the Cardinals goes even further. Aaron and his wife Annette welcomed twin boys Lane and Wyatt in 2006 when the club defeated the Detroit Tigers. Again in 2011, the Lipcaman’s had a World Series birth with son Mason. With fourth son Kase born this month, Aaron has confidence in his favorite team’s chance for the title saying, "We're feeling pretty good about the Cardinals."

As amazing as that seems, other families also share similar connections to the Cards. Mike and Barb Stafford of Waterloo, Illinois had son Drew in 2006, then daughter Claire in 2011, and now Cole born this summer. If the streak continues Barb told KSDK, "It just will be a really cool thing that you know we will have known about the family." Also reported, a family from Scott County, Missouri can claim seven family members from multiple generations that were born in years that the Cards took the championship. Leah Faringer’s infant son Rhett born this year could be the eighth member of the family born in a title winning year. The tradition stretches back to 1926 with Leah’s grandmothers, then her mother and father in 1946, a brother in 1967, Leah in 1982, and Seth in 2011. So it’s no surprise that Leah told KFVS, “We think we have the ultimate good luck charm.”

At the time of publication the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox were tied 2-2 in the World Series.

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