Emergency Responders Break Car Window to Free Doll in Car Seat

Zain Meghji
Odd News
Emergency Responders Break Car Window to Free Doll in Car Seat

When passersby saw a baby locked in a car in Hoboken, New Jersey, they called 911 out of concern for the child's welfare. Emergency responders showed up and smashed the window to get into the vehicle. Instead of a baby, however, they discovered a life-like doll in a child's car seat. It turns out that the 2-year-old granddaughter of the car owner, Kitty Mieles, had placed the doll in the seat. 

Although the act of heroism garnered a few laughs from fellow members of the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps, it's still great to see the community jumping into action when it thinks a child is in danger.

Thomas Molta, president of Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps, said, "I saw pictures of the doll, and it looked real. I got 34 years experience in EMS, and I probably would have broken the window, too.

"Seconds are paramount there. That's the difference between a baby breathing, not breathing, pulse, no pulse," Molta continues. "You can replace a window, but you can't replace a life."

The city of Hoboken is picking up the tab for the broken window, and Mieles, in good spirits about the incident, vows to never leave her granddaughter's doll in the car seat again.