Cutest act of revenge ever: Over 1,000 ducklings released into boss’s apartment [PHOTOS]

Charlene Sakoda
Odd News

Get ready to say, “Awww!” 

Shanghaiist brings us this bit of adorableness and reports that a man named Xiang unleashed 1,130 ducklings on his boss’s apartment in an act of revenge. Xiang was upset with Bing, his boss, because the employee felt that he was owed in wages. Reportedly, when Xiang quit his job three years ago, he claimed that he was owed 3,000 RMB (approx. $482) in wages. Bing refuted that claim saying that all wages were already paid. But Xiang was insistent that he was right. He ordered over a thousand baby ducks from a farmer named Chen, and had the flock sent to Bing’s home.

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When Chen asked Xiang to pay for the ducklings, Xiang had him ask Bing for the money. That’s when Chen decided to call the police to settle the matter. With the authorities help, Bing ended up paying for the transportation fees and a few of the ducks that were lost. Police advised Xiang to take his beef with his boss to the proper authorities to settle his case.

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Photos and more info: Shanghaiist