Couple says a human tooth was in a bag of peanuts

Charlene Sakoda
Odd News

Odd News has brought you many stories of out of place, weird, and just plain gross items (snake head, razor blade, and live maggots) found in food. But this strange item, said to have been found in a bag of peanuts, is a first.

Michaela Epp claimed that her boyfriend, Graham Calder, discovered a tooth in a sealed bag of Safeway-brand Spanish peanuts. According to Michaela, Graham bit down on what he thought was snack food and then, “He spit it out and looked at it, and it was a tooth… So he started feeling around to make sure it wasn't his.” It wasn’t though it was what appeared to be a human tooth, root and all, that was fractured into three parts.

Pieces of the tooth (Handout via Winnipeg Sun)
Pieces of the tooth (Handout via Winnipeg Sun)

The two 18-year-old college students were in Winnipeg, Canada while on winter break from school and were celebrating on New Year’s Eve. Ms. Epp told the Winnipeg Sun, “It happened about 15 minutes after midnight, my boyfriend looked me and said, 'That's one way to start things.'”

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The peanuts were purchased from Safeway and the packaging indicates that the contents were processed in Canada. A complaint was filed with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and they will be investigating the object that was found. Safeway spokesperson Betty Kellsey wrote in an email statement, “Safeway is committed to industry leading food safety standards and we will cooperate fully with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in their investigation.”

The couple is eager to know what the testing uncovers and Michaela said, “I personally just want them to look at it and see that this problem gets solved.”

Video and more info: Winnipeg Sun