Couple mystified by delivery of ‘ugly’ woman painting

Charlene Sakoda
Odd News
Couple mystified by delivery of ‘ugly’ woman painting

Keith Webb recently received an unexpected package addressed to him at his home in Winchester, England. As reported by BBC News, the delivery showed up without an accompanying note nor return address It contained an oil painting of an old woman in a white headscarf, which Keith and his wife Sue are not too fond of. Keith said, "It's a painting of such a horrid old crone, my wife won't have it in the house."

The framed art has been banished to the couple’s garage while the two attempt to track down its origin. Everyone the Webbs thought could have sent the painting denied responsibility. Keith has also eliminated the possibility of the painting being left to him in a will saying none of his relatives recently passed away. So the mystery continued and Sue said, “Just curious, very curious to know why and who sent it and what we’ve got to do with it. What we’re supposed to do with it.” Royal Mail was unable to provide any further information and courier service Parcelforce was only able to say that the package was sent from a WHSmith post office. Keith said, “I tried very hard to find out if there was a delivery instruction, a delivery note inside. There wasn’t, there was nothing. There’s just my name on the, on the packaging…There’s no painter’s initials there at all. There’s nothing there, no title.”

Keith took the piece to local fine art auctioneers, Andrew Smith & Son, for an appraisal. Fine art expert Andrew Smith was unable to identify an artist immediately, but estimated that it was painted in the early 19th century and currently worth between 200-300 pounds ($300-500). The couple does not plan to keep the painting and unfortunately are not any closer to identifying the sender with Keith saying, “I’d really rather like to find if anybody owns it and I want to get rid of it just as soon as possible.” Sue adding, “Get rid of it, yes, get rid of it. That’s what I’d like to do.”

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