Cook accused of licking cheese before putting it in sandwiches she was serving

Will Lerner
Odd News

If New Mexico woman Yolanda Arguello did what she is accused of, then, well, she’s pretty disgusting. Investigators have been looking into accusations that Ms. Arguello, a cook at the South Valley New Mexico Women’s Recovery Academy, licked food that she served to parole and probation officers. As KOAT reports, investigators found “a number of people who said they saw Yolanda Arguello do it.”

It would seem that Ms. Arguello did not like preparing food for the officers at her workplace. One person claimed that she said, “I don’t work for probation/parole. I don’t have to serve them. I will show them who is special; better than others.” She would then lick slices of cheese she was putting in their sandwiches. She would also dump ice on the floor, put the same ice in a pitcher, and then serve iced tea out of it.

The Department of Corrections in New Mexico has suspended Ms. Arguello’s security clearance and she faces charges of three counts of battery on a peace officer. KOAT spoke with one of the woman’s roommates, who says the allegations are false.

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