Close call: boulder tumbles downhill, narrowly misses home

Will Lerner
Odd News

On Monday of this week, Brenda Evans came home to her Joelton, Tennessee house and went inside. As WSMV Channel 4 News reports, all of a sudden she heard a loud crash that sounded, “like an earthquake.” It turned out that a large cliff outside had broken off and tumbled down.

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Evans told WSMV, “It sounded like a train come through. It shook hard enough that it sounded like an earthquake." Fortunately, the rocks didn’t hit her home, it only took out some rose bushes and lawn furniture. Unfortunately, she now has several tons of rock to clean up. Evans says that a previous rockslide 11 years ago took her husband a month to clean up.

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This is the second instance of a large boulder hassling Tennessee residents this month. Last week a large rock fell on Interstate 24 in the middle of rush hour traffic. Happily, like Ms. Evans’ rock, that one didn’t injure anyone either.

More info: WSMV