Car thieves taunt victim by posting picture of his stolen items using his Facebook account

Will Lerner
Odd NewsMay 14, 2014

Bobby Oliver is a 29-year-old electronics developer for Intel, but also a photography enthusiast. Mr. Oliver parked his car near a coffee shop in Longview, Washington in the early morning hours of May 8 to take some photographs when it was still dark out. While snapping photos he realized that he had misplaced his keys. He tried to find them, but it was too late. As KOIN 6 News reports, thieves found the keys and took off in Mr. Oliver’s car.

It wasn’t only a 1997 Audi that the thieves got away with. Inside the car, there was $4000 worth of electronics. One of these electronics was a Nexus 10 tablet. The thieves used that very tablet to add insult to injury. They took a picture of the items they had stolen from Mr. Oliver with the tablet and then, using its Facebook app, posted it under Mr. Oliver’s account. When a friend, presuming it was Mr. Oliver who had posted the picture, asked if he had retrieved his stolen property, the thieves then had the gall to write, under Bobby’s account, “No we got his stuff just saying thanks.”

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Police were able to locate Mr. Oliver’s car, but the stolen items were not inside. He’s requesting the thieves simply, “Please return my stuff.”

More info: KOIN