Burglar makes it incredibly easy for police to arrest him

Will Lerner
Odd News

21-year-old Travis Devonte Rice broke into a car dealership recently and, along with an accomplice, stole files, license plates, 44 car keys, and four cars. How do we know that it was Travis Devonte Rice who did the deed? Well, he dropped his ID on the floor of the dealership, and then on top of it,posted a picture on Facebook of him holding one of the car keys he had just stolen. As WSVN 7 News reports, police had quite a bit of information to work off of.

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Jonathan Shamis, manager of Arion Motors in Plantation, Florida said that the next day when he came in and saw they had been robbed, they noticed a drivers license on the floor. After watching surveillance video, he and his coworkers noticed that Rice had unwittingly dropped it out of his pocket when he had taken out his cellphone. Arion Motors owner Adnan “Eddie” Radoncic told the Sun Sentinel , “[The investigator] was taking fingerprints but I said, 'I don't think you need to do that,' and she said, 'Why not?' and I said, 'Because the bad guy left his [ID card] here, in plain sight.'"

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As if that wasn’t enough to help police catch him, Rice then posted a photograph of himself holding one of the keys he had stolen on Facebook. Shamis told WSVN what we’re all thinking, “I think the guy was very careless. Maybe he thought that there wasn't any surveillance here. It says here, in big letters, all over the walls that this place is recorded. I would say the world's dumbest criminals."

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WFOR CBS Miami reports that Plantation police arrested Rice and discovered that he was, “on probation after a conviction for armed robbery and had just been released from prison in February.” Rice is facing charges of, “grand theft, probation violation and a burglary causing more than $1,000 in damages.” The cars have not been yet recovered and police are still searching for the other suspect seen on the surveillance video.

More info: WSVN, WFOR, Sun Sentinel