Bird attack knocks tooth out of man’s mouth (with video)

Will Lerner
Odd News

On May 1, we told you about a California woman who was dealing with hundreds of birds flying into her house . Strange goings-on with birds continue this week, with multiple bird attacks in the town of Channelview, Texas. As KHOU 11 News reports, one of the bird attacks was so severe that Benny Hines, a trucker, fell down, lost a tooth, and was knocked unconscious.

Benny Hines was outside the Chrome Shop, a business that provides accessories for 18-wheelers, when a bird swooped down and started to attack him. Mr. Hines told KHOU, “I took off my cap and started waving them away. All of a sudden it was more than one bird. The more I tried to fight them off, the worse it got. It was like why were they after me, you know?"

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Lonny Siegler, the Chrome Shop’s owner, told KHOU, “We got some kamikaze birds…He was running, I mean running…All of a sudden that bird hits him, and he went flying.” In security video provided by Mr. Siegler, you can see Mr. Hines desperately trying to get away from the birds. One bird hit Mr. Hines, and he went tumbling down to the ground. A witness, Jennifer Zavala, said that he had, “open gash wounds, bloody. It’s awful.” Mr. Hines would lose a tooth from the incident and was knocked unconscious.

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It was not reported as to what kind of bird they are, and nobody is completely sure why Mr. Hines would be attacked by them, but KHOU does present a possible reason. For the past few days there has been a baby bird in the business’s parking lot. It cannot fly yet, so perhaps the adult birds are trying to protect it. Mr. Siegler says that one day later, he had one bird come after him. As for Mr. Hines, he’s out of the hospital and back on the road, saying, “They had to put some stitches on my face.”

More info: KHOU