Bees overtake parked car, make it their hive (with video)

Will Lerner
Odd News

Most bees are courteous, but some just can’t beehive themselves.

Oh good, you’re still here. On Monday afternoon, a driver in Montreal, Mike Cohen, found what he thought was a good parking spot. However, after finishing up a meeting, Mr. Cohen returned to his vehicle to find something rather alarming. As CTV reports, “a queen bee had decided to colonize his car.”

Mr. Cohen, a councilor for the city of Côte Saint-Luc and a spokesperson for the English Montreal School Board, described the scene in his blog entry for The Suburban:

“I saw a "swarm" of people (and you will see what I mean by the word "swarm") taking photos with their phones. There was a "swarm" of bees resting on the top of my trunk and all the way down across my license plate - onlookers guessed they numbered at least 5,000.”

Mr. Cohen called 911, which sent firefighters to his car. However, the firefighters were unable to do anything, so they told Mr. Cohen to call an exterminator who promptly told him that they could not kill bees, and that he needed a “bee expert.” Finally he got in touch with Miel Montreal, which the Montreal Gazette describes as an, “organization of local beekeeping enthusiasts.” Mr. Cohen, in his blog, explained how they took care of the issue for him:

“The bee patrol used towels and brushes to gently move all of the bees into the box and then some kind of smoke concoction to empty the last of them. Apparently the bees are worth a lot of money in the honey they will produce.”

More info: CTV, The Suburban