Bears are breaking into cars in New Hampshire

Will Lerner
Odd News

Over the past few weeks, the Conway, New Hampshire Police Department has been getting multiple calls over car break-ins. There was Ted Phillips, who came outside to his truck and saw both doors open one morning. There was Terry Leavitt, whose car radio had been pulled out. There was Stacy Sand, who saw that her car had been roughed up as well. WMUR-TV News reports that there is one likely suspect behind all of this damage – a black bear.

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As it turns out, bears are frequent visitors to the residences of North Conway. Sergeant George Walker told WMUR, “We experience this every year around this time,” and said the suspect description is the same every time – “black and furry.” New Hampshire Fish and Game, which has been brought in to help deal with the bears, is recommending homeowners keep, “bird feeders inside, maintain their garbage, keep food out of the car and their doors locked.”

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