Batlamb is the lamb hero we deserve, but not the lamb hero we need right now

Will Lerner
Odd News

In Norway, sheep farmer Hege Vigre says that when her new lamb was still in the womb, it had an unusual posture. Ms. Vigre told The Local, “She was lying wrong in the womb, with the left foot under the stomach and the right one forward, like Superman.” When the lamb was born, however, she discovered that it actually resembled a different DC Comics icon – Batman.

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Ms. Vigre says that the baby animal didn’t really make an impression on her at first, but that at some point she realized that the black fur around the lamb’s eyes was symmetrical. The farmer posted some pictures of the lamb to a Facebook group. She told The Local, “Some people called it Zorro, and others called it Batlamb. I call it Batlamb."

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I suppose some people are thinking right now that Batlamb doesn’t really look like Batman at all. You are entitled to your opinion, and maybe you’re right. But isn’t Batlamb fun to say? Consider that.

More info: The Local