Australian reporter was drenched with water by a man she tried to interview

Charlene Sakoda
Odd News

A reporter ended up soaking wet after she approached a man for an interview. A Nine News Australia camera caught the entire exchange between the network’s reporter Alex Bernhardt and a man facing weapon and drug charges (watch the video here). The man allegedly had a hand grenade in his Gold Coast home, which was found during a police raid earlier in the day. Bernhardt was covering the story and approached the man as he was filling up a cooler with water in front of his house.

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The reporter asked the man why he had the hand grenade and the man moved the microphone away and said that he did not want to be recorded. While using his hand to obstruct the camera’s view, the man then says something that is not clearly picked up by the microphone, and the reporter backs away saying, “Are you?” Then the man unleashes a wave of water from the cooler towards the female reporter. Bernhardt reportedly laughed off the incident and told ninemsn, "He just hurled it at me." With the reporter soaked, the man says, “Want to go again?” He then gives a small comment about the charges saying, “I smoke a little dope.”

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Video and more info: Nine News