Atlanta Highway Sign Misspells City's Famous Aquarium

Zain Meghji
Odd News
Atlanta Highway Sign Misspells City's Famous Aquarium

Take a look at the brand-new exit sign on Atlanta's most well-known road, the Downtown Connector.

It looks normal at first, marked exits for Williams Street, World Congress Center, the Georgia Dome, and … hmmm … that's not how you spell aquarium.

 The Department Of Transportation is already in the process of addressing the mistake. The extra 'i' was the fault of the sign maker, DOT spokesperson Natalie Dale told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, saying, "We are aware. Vanna, we'd like to return a vowel."

She added that the spelling error should be fixed by rush hour on Thursday. Changing signs on the interstate would likely require lane closures, which the DOT didn't want to do during rush hour. This is most likely what contributed to the delay in a replacement of the sign, which has been up for less than a week.

Since the error was not the fault of the DOT, taxpayers won't be on the hook for fixing it.

The aquarium staff had not commented on the sign's attempt to put some "air" in Aquarium.