Artist posts drawings of missed love connection in New York subway

Will Lerner
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Back in November, artist Maria Vila was riding the A train toward Brooklyn. It was on that train ride that something very profound happened. She spotted aman who immediately caught her attention. As reported by WPIX 11 News, she took an immediate shine to her fellow subway rider, “I said, ‘He’s so beautiful. I want to connect with him.’” But before she could ‘connect’ with him, the man disappeared into the crowd.

Many people would bemoan this missed opportunity. However, Maria isn’t like most people. The Chile-born artist told WPIX, “I lost him and I was like oh my God. I’m in New York,” she said. “It’s now or never and I said I’m going to go looking for him and I will find him.”

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Maria has begun her search by posting 300 prints that include information regarding that important subway ride and a drawing of her love. He’s definitely got a distinctive look…

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Maria’s hoping that she’ll get some help from fellow subway riders. When asked if those close to her are supportive, she told WPIX, “I have a lot of friends who tell me, ‘You’re crazy [and] that this is weird. Poor man.’ But I’m like, ‘No, this is not crazy – it’s romantic.’”

There’s been some speculation that because Vila is an artist, this just might be a project of hers and that there isn’t actually a mysterious man with atop hat. However, as Gothamist points out, on Twitter, Maria is claiming that it is an art project and a sincere attempt to find this guy.

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