Apartment complex bans kids from playing outside

Charlene Sakoda
Odd News

Fliers around the Sterling Park Apartments in Portland, Oregon have been posted to notify residents that kids living there are not allowed to play outside. As reported by KPTV Fox 12, the notifications were hung on Thursday morning. The station spoke to several residents who said it was the first time they heard of the “no play” policy. The flier states, “residents will not be permitted to play in halls, stairways, or entrances of buildings, gardens or landscape areas except where specifically permitted." Melissa Petri, a mom in the complex, said, “When I investigated further there are no such things. There is no area designated for them to play in.” The rules eliminate the entire apartment grounds except for the pool. The complex has designated areas for dogs, but none for children.

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KPTV attempted to contact the property manager but only got her voice mail. “She said that that is the rule because of safety,” Petri explained. The closest open playground area for kids to play in is a half-mile away and to access it kids would have to cross busy South East Powell Boulevard, most of the time during rush hour, then travel several more blocks.

Ms. Petri said after living in the complex several years, she had never heard of the children’s play policy. When she examined her lease, she saw that it only mentioned that kids are prohibited from playing in hallways and stairwells.

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With the long Memorial Day weekend and summer coming up, we wish Ms. Petri and the rest of the parents in her apartment complex good luck.

Video and more info: KPTV