Amazing: Truck drags stroller 100 feet, baby inside uninjured

Charlene Sakoda
Odd News

A mom was pushing her 4-month-old daughter in a stroller down an icy street in Lawrence, Massachusetts when all of a sudden a truck came in contact with the stroller, catching and dragging it approximately 100 feet. Surveillance video caught the incident on camera. “It was unbelievable, I was pushing the stroller and the truck got really close. It kind of tipped the stroller over, and the metal piece on the bottom of the truck just kind of took the wheels and it took it right from my hands,” mother Anna Rivera told WHDH 7.

In the video, you can see Ms. Rivera pushing the stroller next to the truck. As the driver makes a right turn at the corner to South Union Street, the stroller becomes caught on the side of the truck.

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Witnesses nearby frantically worked to alert the truck driver and get him to stop the vehicle. One of those Good Samaritans told WCVB Channel 5, "I was honking my horn trying to get him to stop. I passed him on Union Street here and went up to the crosswalk to get in front of him and stop him in traffic…He had no idea he was dragging the baby carriage." Rivera said, “I was so afraid that he was going to keep going. I wasn’t sure like, if he knew, if he saw.”

Witness Devin Calhoun said, “I assumed the worst at that point, because it was clear she was pulling the stroller out from under the truck. But I didn’t know at that point, had the truck ran over the stroller?”

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Once the mother dislodged the stroller, she was relieved and explained why, “I knew that she was fine because I saw the way the stroller dropped and I had her buckled in. And I'm always like careful. I have four girls. So I’m like, overprotective, way overprotective of my kids,” adding, “As soon as we took the covers off of her, she was like smiling and everything.”

A nearby ambulance rushed Rivera and her daughter to Lawrence General Hospital where the baby received a clean bill of health. Ms. Rivera said, “They didn’t even do x-rays in the hospital because she was like, fine.”

WCVB reported that police say the driver will not be charged.

Video and more info: WHDH, WCVB