Alleged mugger falls asleep in the middle of his crime

Will Lerner
Odd News

Early Saturday morning, a 60-year-old man in New Orleans, Louisiana found himself on the wrong end of a pointed gun. He was led, by the gunman, to an ATM to withdraw money. However, as WDSU News reports, the alleged mugger, 17-year-old Meyagi Baker, didn’t get away with the crime. It wasn’t because the 60-year-old man overpowered him. It wasn’t because police spotted the crime in process. It wasn’t because a Good Samaritan jumped in to save the day. It was because Mr. Baker fell asleep, mid-crime.

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New Orleans Police say that Mr. Baker was owed money by the unnamed older man he had targeted. However, after the teenager recouped what was his supposedly his, he then demanded the rest of the money in the man’s banking account. WDSU writes, “However, before the money came out Baker fell asleep.” It was then that the victim alerted police., an independent New Orleans-based news site, writes that Mr. Baker was, “arrested afterward and charged with a single count of armed robbery with a firearm, a conviction for [sic] which carries a mandatory sentence of 10 to 99 years.”

There is no mention of how or why Mr. Baker fell asleep.

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