After a knock to the noggin, this once-color blind man can now properly see colors

Will Lerner
Odd News

70-year-old Richard Riggs was color blind for all of his life until just recently. KIMA CBS 29 News is reporting on the Yakima, Washington music teacher, who after hitting his head hard from a fall, can now see colors are they meant to be seen.

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Apparently, Mr. Riggs is accustomed to spills, he told the station, “As a 70 year old man I fall quite a lot, as a matter of fact, cause my legs are not strong." Yet, he says after one particular fall, things were different, “I’ve been colorblind since I was born, and at age 70 I see colors of the rainbow now. I see shades of pastel…”

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KIMA spoke with Dr. Ross Bethel about the matter. He told the station that color blindness is caused by a, “genetic pigment defect in the retina of the eye, so falling can't really cure someone.” In other words, if you’re color blind and reading this, resist the urge to smack your head. Dr. Bethel’s best guess was that Riggs’ perception changed, possibly from a concussion.

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So what does Rich plan to do with his new-found ability? He told the station, “Every March we take a trip to Hawaii, I can't wait to get there with my new color sense and watch the flowers...and the bikinis." Rich, you dog.

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