A woman threatened a Burger King’s staff and customers over her Cinnabon roll not being fresh enough

Will Lerner
Odd News

Burger King, the fast food restaurant that recently decided to serve hamburgers for breakfast, has a deal with Cinnabon, and serves their cinnamon rolls as a dessert option. On May 13, an unidentified woman, who entered the restaurant with two other unidentified women, ordered one of these Cinnabon rolls from a Burger King in a shopping center in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. As WCBD News 2 reports, things got ugly when this woman felt her treat wasn’t fresh enough.

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Haley Besson was in the Burger King at the time of the incident and witnessed what happened. She told WCBD, “These three women were standing at the counter and by the time we had ordered our food and sat down, they still hadn’t gotten their food…And one of the women started complaining that her cinnamon bun wasn’t fresh, or something like that…” The Post and Courier reports that a manager came over to speak with the three women and things seemed settled. That is, until one of the women, “returned and said she was going to ‘shoot everyone’ inside.”

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WCBD notes that in a police report, the woman also said, “I’m going to shoot down the place.” Ms. Besson told the station that the woman had her hand inside her purse, and that while she assumes there was a weapon inside, “she never pulled it out.” Besson also said that she was never frightened saying, “I wasn’t scared because I was like, the whole time, I was just like, ‘This is over a cinnamon bun right now. They don’t have their priorities together.’”

The Post and Courier writes that the woman who was threatening to shoot everyone eventually left along with her friends when employees threatened to call police. Mount Pleasant police officers saw the suspects leaving the scene, but they were unable to catch up with them. They’re asking if anyone has information to call 1-88-CRIME-SC.

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