5th grade teacher drinks beer in classroom, everyone gets upset

Will Lerner
Odd News

Drinking in front of 5th graders at home? No problem (if you’re doing it responsibly). Drinking in front of 5th graders in a 5 th grade classroom? Problem. Drinking in front of 5th graders in a 5th grade classroom when you’re a 5th grade teacher? Big problem, as KENS 5 reports.

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On February 4, several students of Cynthia Rodriguez-Flores at Kuentz Elementary reported to Principal Lori Gallegos that their 5th grade teacher had been drinking. They said she smelled like alcohol, and more importantly had photographic evidence, according to Northside Independent School District (NISD).

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WOAI News 4 reports that Rodriguez-Flores called in sick the next day, but was told to not return and was put on administrative leave. The school opened an investigation, but when the 39-year-old teacher resigned on February 14, they closed it. NISD reported her to Texas’ State Board for Educator Certification and will have a new teacher replace her on Monday. It should be noted that in her initial conversation with Human Resources on February 6, Rodriguez-Flores denied the allegations.

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