$1200 left in rented costume returned

Charlene Sakoda
Odd News
$1200 left in rented costume returned

After Shawn Freeman returned a rented tuxedo from Masquerade Costumes and Tuxedo Rental in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, he realized he had misplaced a large amount of cash. Shawn, owner of a military surplus business, told KFOR Newschannel 4, “Couldn’t find my money. And I was like, 'Oh, maybe I left it in the pocket.'” Shawn rented the tux as a part of his Dia de los Muertos costume for his friend’s annual Halloween party. When he realized the money was missing two days after the party, he called the rental shop and spoke to owner, Christina Nguyen. Earlier that day Christina dropped the tuxedo off at Master Cleaners dry cleaning down the street. She raced back to search the tux and said, “When I reach in the back and I feel it. I like, ‘Oh my God, look at this!'” Christina found $1200 in cash wadded up in the back pocket of the tuxedo pants.

Shawn’s early disbelief changed to relief when he learned the total amount was found saying, “I didn’t fully expect it all to be there, but it was there…You would never think that somebody would be kind enough to return it and be that honest.” “He’s my customer and I think that might belong to him so I think I’m responsible to find it for him,” said the costume shop owner. Christina and her husband say that they work hard to maintain their solid reputation of the business they’ve owned for 13 years commenting, “I feel good, yeah, because we found it and he happy, so we happy.”

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