10-year-old drives SUV into DMV office

Will Lerner
Odd News

The Department of Motor Vehicles is easily the most favorite place for any American to visit. It’s the kind of joint you never really need tovisit, but rather the kind of joint you want to visit. That urge to head on in to the ol’ DMV must have been the impetus for one 10-year-old. KMGH ABC 7 News is reporting that the young girl, unidentified due to her age, got behind the wheel of her mother’s SUV and drove through a window and into the waiting area of the Parker, Colorado DMV.

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Fortunately, nobody (including the driver and her 12-year-old sister who was in the car alongside her) was injured. KDVR FOX 31 Denver spoke with DMV spokesperson Natriece Bryant, who said it was frightening nonetheless, “It scared everybody, they heard a large boom, then all of a sudden they saw an SUV in the front part of the waiting area.”

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So how did this happen? KMGH reports that the mother had left her GMC Envoy outside the office with the engine off….but the keys still in the ignition. She went inside the DMV and that’s when the 10-year-old got behind the wheel, started the engine, and took the car to go visit Mom.

The mother was not exactly thrilled with her daughter’sdecision. Wes Carpenter is an employee of a neighboring business. He told KDVR,“I definitely saw the mom, you know, and the girls. She was talking sternly tothem.” The mother won’t faces charges from Parker Police because the vehiclewas off before she went inside, however KVDR suggests the DMV could presscharges. As for the 10-year-old, she will probably serve community service.

More info: KMGH, KDVR