From Runway to Religion: Models Turn to Jesus

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From Runway to Religion: Models Turn to Jesus

Kylie Bisutti was the "It" girl. At the top of her game, she beat out 10,000 women to win the Victoria's Secret model search competition.

But in a stunning twist, she decided overnight to ditch the runway for Jesus.

“I was sent out after that on different photo shoots and having my pictures end up on pornographic sites,” said Bisutti. “And when I brought it to my modeling agency, they basically just said, 'Well, all the Victoria's Secret models have pictures on pornographic websites, what do you expect?'”

Now Bisutti is holding an enlightenment speaking tour.

“I'm not doing those things anymore,” she told an audience of parents to pre-teens at Mosaic Christian Church in Sacramento, Calif. “I can find forgiveness in Christ for it and now speak out against it.”

Bisutti is part of a growing number of models ditching the spotlight for Christ and cashing in with a book, a new Christian clothing line and her nationwide speaking tours.

“In our society, the motto is that sex sells,” she said.

Her new tell-all memoir, "I'm No Angel" dishes on the industry's dark side, from nearly nude photo shoots to eating disorders. Since her book’s release, Victoria's Secret pushed back, saying Bisutti exaggerated her relationship with them.

But it seems she has used her racy past as a launch pad for a burgeoning business.

“I'm not really here to bash the industry,” said Bisutti. “I am just here to tell what happened to me in the industry, from the eating disorders to my agency calling me a fat cow when I was 118 pounds.”

Kylie's former agency told "Nightline" at no time has any model been called a "fat cow" and they had no knowledge of any her photos being used on porn sites.

Like Bisutti, Nicole Weider dreamt of glitz and glamour, runways and Hollywood. But this former model is now a Christian consultant. Today her faith is front and center and she spends her days offering advice on everything from clothes to relationships. She gives tweens a “modesty makeover.”

“Modest is the hottest!” Weider said.

When she's not a personal shopper, Weider runs a Web site called Project Inspired where her Christian fans can find her message.

“I am more fulfilled now that I have God in my life, than I ever thought that I could be by measuring up to what my agents wanted me to do, or what the photographer thought I looked like,” said Weider.

Back in Idaho, Bisutti is working on designs for her new clothing line, called God Inspired Fashion. Every design meeting starts with prayer. Many of her clothes have Biblical verses. Her Psalm 23 scarf sold out in one day.

But at first glance, some of the clothes seem more appropriate for a night out. She may be on a crusade to cover up but realizes that to sell clothes aimed at young teens, you still need some edge.

“I don't regret anything that I have done because it's just the testament to how much I have changed since then,” said Bisutti.