Popular Hybrid Cats are Booming, Controversial

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Popular Hybrid Cats are Booming, Controversial

There is a booming market out there for custom cat lovers who want more “king of the jungle” “than cute on the couch.”

We’re talking big kitties, the kind with fierce primal urges that have them banned in several states. Now, who would pay tens of thousands of dollars for such a pet, and should you worry if they move in next door?

“People want to have something different - they want to have the biggest, the baddest, the most exotic,” says Carole Baskin, Founder and CEO, Big Cat Rescue.

Among the cats most in vogue these days is the Savannah, a cross between a wild Serval, a house cat. Savannahs grow about 2 ½ times larger than house cats and have been banned in eight states and require permits in others.

Those looking for the exotic without the size are gravitating to the Toyger, which are about the size of a house cat but with the distinct stripes of a tiger. The Toyger has become so popular they can cost as much as a car.