James Dyson Isn’t Afraid of a Challenge

ABC News Nightline
Nightline Fix

When James Dyson decided to give Nightline a sneak peak at his newest product, we decided it was time to see the man who made housework sexy, clean up a mess himself.

He may be sir James Dyson, one of the 300 richest people on earth, but he wasn’t afraid to step into the kitchen after a couple of kids were left alone with a big bowl of spaghetti. Armed with nothing but his newest vacuum hybrid, he confidently accepted our challenge.

Most of us probably remember Dyson best for this simple and humble tagline, “I just think things should work properly.”

He was a character that consumers had never really seen before. Rather than a housewife cleaning up after the kids, he put himself in the commercials.

“ I thought that was a good thing to do. We were a name that no one had ever heard of so it had a lot to do with giving the company character.”