Fashion for Jesus: Models Give Up Runway for Religion

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Fashion for Jesus: Models Give Up Runway for Religion

The Victoria’s secret runway, the fame, the fortune. And she was the it girl at the top of her game, beating out 10,000 women to win the Victoria’s secret model search competition.

In a stunning twist, Kylie decided overnight to ditch the run way for Jesus. So when did that change?

“You know, being sent out after that on different photo shoots. Having my pictures end up on pornographic sites. And when I brought it to my modeling agency they said basically all the Victoria’s models have pictures on pornographic web sites what did you expect.”

It was Kylie’s faith that made her finally walking away. “God definitely convicted my heart about it.”

Kylie is part of models, ditching the spotlight for Christ. And cashing in with a book. A Christian clothing line and nationwide speaking tours.

Kylie's tell-all memoir, I'm no angel. Dishing on the dark sides, photo shoots to eating disorders.