‘Extreme Cougar Wives’ on the Prowl for Fountain of Youth

ABC News Nightline
Nightline FixAugust 12, 2013

Thursday night on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and Kathy Newman is on the prowl. The Rainbow Room -- next to the Roxy -- has been around for years. So has Kathy.

She’s one of the stars of TLC’s “Extreme Cougar Wives.” She’s 55. Her boyfriend on the show, Brad, just 25. Never mind she has a son about his age. The show also features a couple from Chicago: Desmond Huey, 26 and Sherri Winkelmann, 50.

“Extreme Cougar Wives” plays to that timeless theme of older woman, younger guy. If you think we’ve made progress since “The Graduate” and since Harold fell in love with Maude, think again.

While Kathy and Brad break up right after a difficult dinner with his family, Sherri and Desmond have a happier ending. Desmond asks her to marry him in front of his family and friends.

“This year has restored my faith in men and what they’re capable of giving women,” said Sherri. “I wouldn’t have traded it for anything even if it ended tomorrow.”

That’s the thing about “Extreme Cougar Wives.” You totally get what the older person is after – the fountain of youth. But for the younger guy, what does he get out of this? Dr. Freud had a few theories on that, namely that men are attracted to women similar to their mothers.

“That is not true at all,” said Brad.

Oddly riveting to watch. That’s exactly what TLC is banking on.

“Extreme Cougar Wives” premieres Wednesday, Aug 14. on TLC.