Texans quarterback Matt Schaub plans to win back disgruntled fans and ‘cut it loose’

Anwar S Richardson

Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub knows he is not a popular figure right now.

Being an average quarterback is one thing, but losing games because of bad throws is another. After Schaub had his third interception returned for a touchdown this season — the latest occurred when Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman picked off a bad pass to tie the score at 20 before Seattle won 23-20 in overtime – Texans fans turned against him. Schaub was booed by the Texans crowd, while others found more creative ways to show their dissatisfaction.

A restaurant in Houston created the “Matt Schaub Special”, an order that allows customers to “pick six toppings” for their burger and “pay dearly for it.” Another fan decided to burn his Schaub jersey after the game.

Well, Schaub is aware of that hatred, and now has two objectives.

First, he plans to win back that fan who burned his jersey.

“My goal is to make sure, when we’re done (with) this thing at the end of the year, he’s going back out, and he’s going to get one (No. 8 jersey) to wear,” Schaub told UltimateTexans.com.

Second, Schaub plans to "cut it loose" against the San Francisco 49ers this weekend.

“I’ve been around (criticism) enough that you just tune it out,” Schaub told UltimateTexans.com “You don’t even pay attention to it. You just go out and cut it loose.”

The last thing Texans fans want to hear right now is Schaub’s plan to “cut it loose.” Cutting back on the bad throws is one thing, but airing it out has caused Schaub a lot of problems this season.

Houston is not going to bench Schaub, so Texans fans must hope their quarterback can turn it around.

That is the only way to put out this fire.

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