Will Marshawn Lynch speak at Media Day? If not, it could cost him dearly

Eric Edholm

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch might not be in a chatty mood this week. And if he's not, he might face a stiff fine, according to NFL.com.

Lynch was fined $50,000 for failing to speak with the media most of this season, and the fines could be even higher if Lynch chooses not to talk on Tuesday's Media Day or in any further media obligations on Wednesday or Thursday this week.

League policy require players to make themselves available to the media, and Lynch is notoriously shy around reporters and cameras. In addition, Lynch also was making it difficult for media members to do their jobs last week as he blasted rap music during open-locker sessions, often rendering interviews with his teammates nearly worthless.

Lynch did take time to talk to NFL Network's Michael Silver last week, telling him that he still hadn't decided if he would attend Media Day.

"If you're forced to do something, it's not as good as if you choose to do it," Lynch told Silver last week. "So no, I won't have a lot of interesting things to say. When you're forced to do something and you know it, it kind of just takes away from the whole experience of what it could be if (it were) natural. So, I'll probably give forced answers."

Interestingly, Lynch was not assigned to one of the Media Day podiums typically reserved for players of Lynch's status.

Osi Umenyiora was fined two years ago when the then-New York Giants defensive end skipped a (non-Media Day) interview session a few years ago and was hit with a $20,000 fine. Lynch's potential fine would be larger. Not only is Media Day the biggest pregame event for the league, and Lynch was told at the time of his last fine that the next offense would result in a fine of at least $50,000.

We think Lynch should show up and act like Randy Moss did last season. Moss also was typically media shy at times, and yet he was one of the pregame media stars before the last Super Bowl. After all, if Lynch doesn't show up, his coaches and teammates will be forced to answer a lot of questions about him not being there when everyone else managed to make it without issue.

But then again, maybe Lynch really doesn't have much to share with us.

"Football's just always been hella fun to me, not expressing myself in the media," Lynch told Silver. "I don't do it to get attention; I just do it cause I love that (expletive)."

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