Homeless man tells Lions receiver Nate Burleson ‘Man, you guys are sorry’ at charity event

Anwar S. Richardson
Shutdown Corner

Detroit Lions receiver Nate Burleson knows what it is like to be the butt of jokes.

Burleson is the guy who attempted to save a falling pizza while driving in September. As a result of that irrational move, Burleson crashed his car and broke an arm. He even received a year supply of free pizza from DiGiorno to avoid another accident.

Nevertheless, this might be a new low for Burleson and his team.

Detroit’s inconsistent season continued yesterday with a 34-20 loss against the Philadelphia Eagles. Instead of pulling away in the NFC North race, Detroit (7-6) was defeated in another key game and is fighting to make the playoffs. The Lions seemingly cannot win big games, which left the majority of their fan base disappointed after Sunday's lackluster performance.

One person informed Burleson of Detroit’s woes on Monday, and the receiver shared his experience on Detroit Sports 105.1.

MLive.com reporter Kyle Meinke obtained the transcript of Burleson's radio interview, and it does not get any better:

"This is in the middle of what's supposed to be a joyous moment. Now immediately I respond, because I love what I do and the guys I do it with, and I respond by sticking up for my team. But deep down inside, I understood exactly where he was coming from. I'm not surprised. I told him that. I said, 'Look man, I get it. You've been watching this team for years. So when we make mistakes like that, the first thing you think is, 'yeah, same old sorry Lions. They're continuing to shoot themselves in the foot when it seems as if they've got the game won."

It cannot get any lower than that.

Burleson tried to give back to the community and was heckled? It is easy to understand that coming from fans at the stadium, but from someone you are trying to help? That has to sting.

If the person who gave Burleson a hard time endured Detroit's 0-16 season, it definitely explains the homeless man’s frustrations. Considering how poorly Detroit played against Philadelphia, it is hard to argue against that person’s observations, even if it was delivered at an inappropriate moment.

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