Drew Brees shows again against the Cowboys why he’s one of the greatest quarterbacks ever

Frank Schwab
Shutdown Corner

Saints quarterback Drew Brees has done everything necessary to make any list of the top 10 quarterbacks of all time.

Maybe winning a second Super Bowl would move him up the list, and he has a shot at that this season. The Saints are 7-2 with a last-second three-point road loss to the Patriots and a six-point road loss to the Jets. They demolished the Cowboys, who were 5-4 and in first place in the NFC East, by a score of 49-17 on Sunday night.

Games like Sunday reinforce Brees' all-time greatness.

He was 34-of-41 for 392 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions. Brees made it look so easy. He has a mastery of Sean Payton's offense, always knowing where to go with the ball. Nine different receivers caught at least one pass against the Cowboys. Whenever he honed in on his receiver against Dallas, the pass was almost always incredibly accurate. We've seen that from Brees so often, it's taken for granted.

Brees' big night added to his long list of accomplishments, which is mind-boggling.

Brees has the two best completion percentages in a single season in NFL history. He has three of the six 5,000-yard seasons ever, ranking first, third and fifth on the all-time list. With his performance on Sunday night, he moved ahead of Tom Brady (at least temporarily) for fourth on the all-time list of career touchdown passes. He has led the Saints, one of the worst franchises in the NFL for many years, to four double-digit win seasons since arriving in 2006, and probably will reach 10 wins for a fifth time this season. He has led the Saints to a Super Bowl title. He and Reggie White are 1A and 1B in the debate of the greatest free-agent signings in NFL history (Peyton Manning is a Broncos Super Bowl from making it a party of three at the top).

Brees has checked off every box to be one of the top 10 of all time. Someone could make a great argument he should be in the top five.

About the only thing he hasn't done is a win a MVP. He might not this year either, because of Manning's brilliance. Brees should have won the MVP over Manning in 2009 (don't blame me, I was one of seven-and-a-half people who voted for Brees), but Manning got the award. But Brees got the championship that season.

Brees probably would take a repeat of that scenario this season. As long as he's under center for the Saints they'll have a chance to win it all, especially if he plays as well in January as he did Sunday night.

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