Chicago Bears players say former teammate Israel Idonije was feeding Detroit Lions their defensive calls

Eric Edholm

Stealing signs, as Spygate taught us, is not just a baseball thing. And it's common that when a team faces one of its former longtime players, it will change up its terminology slightly just so that player's new team can't gain an advantage.

Well, the Chicago Bears seem to think that defensive end Israel Idonije, now with the Detroit Lions, tipped his new team off about what defensive schemes the Bears were running.
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Truth. The Bears decided to keep Lovie Smith's old system intact despite a new coordinator in Mel Tucker, and they allowed Idonije walk to Detroit without too much of a fight. Not only was Idonije a very smart player — clearly — but he also was very popular in the Bears' locker room.

That is, until he may or may not have tipped off his new team. His new first-place team, that is.

Reggie Bush was a huge difference maker Sunday, and it's interesting to think if Sunday's intelligence had any bearing on the Lions' 40-32 victory. It certainly couldn't have hurt, as this clip demonstrates shows just how good Bush was.

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