Year in Review: What Yahoo! readers remember about 2011

Laura E. Davis
The Newsroom

We rounded up the biggest news stories of 2011, and Casey Anthony's trial came out on top. But what do Yahoo! readers remember about a year that also saw a wave of protests around the world, the death of Osama bin Laden and a royal wedding?

On Twitter, @1Dougie_Fresh said the tsunami that struck after a massive earthquake hit Japan in March was the biggest story of the year, followed by bin Laden's death.

There were other notable deaths, too, including Steve Jobs, singer Amy Winehouse and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. The end of the Iraq war, as well as the NBA lockout, Oprah's last show and Republican presidential debates are also on people's minds as we head into 2012.

Some of our Facebook fans will remember the severe tornadoes that ripped through parts of the country this year. Lisa Friend recalled the devastating tornado that hit Joplin, Mo., saying, in part: "It was a heartbreaking experience me nor my family and friends will ever forget. In the wake of such devastation, I have also been blessed to see kindness and unity as hundreds of thousands of volunteers from all over the country have come through to lend a hand in the cleanup and rebuilding."

Our readers didn't forget about the Kardashian wedding -- even though the marriage didn't make it to 2012 -- or the Rapture predictions that made news in the spring.

For many, the year was marked by more personal events:

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