Texas tornadoes: How to help

Lili Anne Ladaga, Yahoo! News
The Newsroom

On April 3, as many as a dozen tornadoes swept through the Dallas-Fort Worth region, destroying homes, tossing cars and trucks like toys, and leaving thousands of people without power.

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 Below are organizations that are working on relief and recovery in the region.

AMERICAN RED CROSS: As roads become safe and accessible, the Red Cross will in the affected communities providing damage assessment, as well as meeting immediate needs such as food and snacks and shelter. In the meantime, the Red Cross priority at this moment is to provide shelter and food to people affected by Tuesday’s storms. Donate here.

SALVATION ARMY: The Salvation Army quickly deployed two mobile emergency disaster kitchens to provide food, hydration, and emotional comfort to people in two locations as a result of tornado touchdowns. Donate here.

SAMARITAN'S PURSE: Samaritan’s Purse is responding to a series of tornadoes that hit the Dallas/Fort Worth area on Tuesday. Staff and equipment departed from our U.S. disaster relief headquarters in North Carolina Tuesday afternoon. They will determine how we can help when they arrive on the scene. Donate here.

TEAM RUBICON: In response to tornadoes touching down in Dallas – Fort Worth, TX, Team Rubicon is deploying a VERT (Veteran Emergency Response Team). The team will get set for relief efforts pending a good recon of the affected areas. They will also coordinate with local FEMA and VOAD representatives to begin developing work orders. Donate here.

WORLD VISION: World Vision has deployed two disaster response teams to assess damage in Dallas and Tarrant counties. In addition, this week, 700 hygiene kits will be assembled by JPMorgan Chase volunteers in Salem, New Hampshire. The kits will be directed to World Vision’s response hub in North Texas for possible use in tornado-affected areas. Donate here.