Video: Canada flood victims evacuated by huge bulldozer; floating house smashed

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Yahoo! News

Heavy flooding in western Canada could force evacuation of as many as 100,000 people, city officials in Calgary, Alberta, said Friday.

Torrential rains and widespread flooding throughout that province washed out roads and bridges, floated away cars, couches and refrigerators, and left at least one person missing.

Mud slides also forced closure of the Trans-Canada Highway, the Associated Press reported, isolating the mountain towns of Banff and Canmore.

The uploader of this video, Kevin Heinrichs, marked it as footage of people being evacuated during severe flooding in the High River area of Alberta on Thursday. Rescuers employed heavy machinery to try to move people to safety.

In this video, uploaded Thursday to YouTube by Tristan Zaba, a house floats down Bragg Creek, which has obviously swelled to a torrent, and smashes against a bridge.

This video was posted to YouTube by prairieboy18, showing flooding in downtown Calgary itself, including MacLeod Trail and the Stampede Grounds where the city's famed rodeo is held.

This dawn-light view Friday of Louise Bridge in Calgary, showing the swollen Elbow River, was uploaded to YouTube by Dong Kim.
The Elbow began carving out the structure around this bridge southwest of Bragg Creek, Alberta, on Thursday. The bridge carried Highway 66, but later collapsed, according to the uploader of this video, Andrew Morrison.