Rush Limbaugh clarifies Fox News criticism

William Holt
Yahoo! News

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh seemed to tell a caller on his show on Monday to stop watching Fox News but later insisted his advice referred only to avoiding the network’s liberal commentators, the Huffington Post reported on Tuesday.

The latest update shows Limbaugh appearing to temper what seemed to be an escalating feud with the cable network that began last Tuesday with his appearance on “Fox and Friends." Later that day, the Huffington Post reported that Limbaugh had accused Fox News of trying to prevent him from talking about immigration and rifts within the GOP.

“Now I told the people at Fox that I wanted to talk about this today three or four times and they wouldn’t do it,” Limbaugh said on his radio show after the "Fox and Friends" appearance. “They were not interested in bringing this subject up. I wanted to talk about this in relationship to the current state of the Republican Party and they wouldn’t do it.”

On Monday, when Tony from Tampa called in and mentioned a pundit whom he’d seen "somewhere on Fox," Limbaugh appeared to insist that the caller stop watching the network.

“You need to stop watching these people, because they’re not going to change,” Limbaugh told Tony from Tampa. “Your blood pressure is going to suffer if you keep watching these people. I mean, they’re designed to tick you off. They’re designed to make you question your sanity. You’re going to watch these people [and] you’re going to say, ‘How in the world can we have such idiotic people?’ And you’re going to think maybe they’re not and you’re crazy.”

Limbaugh directly responded on his Tuesday show, insisting that he was referring only to liberals on Fox News and Fox Business and not the network as a whole.