Putin would never get away with stealing a Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl ring: Sen. Cruz

Chris Moody
Yahoo! News

Russian President Vladimir Putin should be glad he didn't mess with Texas, according to Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

Last week, Putin denied an accusation that he had stolen a Super Bowl ring from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. On Tuesday, Cruz said a heist like that wouldn't have gone over so well had it happened to his beloved Dallas Cowboys.

During an interview on the Andrea Tantaros radio show, Cruz said he would "absolutely" have gotten a stolen Cowboys ring back from Putin by now—with a little help from some fellow Texans in high places.

"I have a feeling that if Vladimir Putin had stolen a Dallas Cowboys ring instead of a Patriots ring, you and Sen. [John] Cornyn, [Texas Gov.] Rick Perry and [Cowboys owner] Jerry Jones would've gotten that ring back by now," Tantaros told Cruz.

"That's absolutely right," Cruz replied.

The last time the Cowboys won a Super Bowl was 1995.