Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park

The New York City Local

Whether you're a history buff, a romantic or just a fan of drumsticks the size of small dogs, the 26th Annual Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park in Manhattan will be an event no one should miss. There will be festival staples such as dancing, music, food and vendors, though all with a medieval twist of course. In addition, there is the potential for heroics--not to mention gratuitous bloodshed--at the event's jousting competition.

True enthusiasts can dress for the occasion in their best 1,000-year-old garb, one of the few occasions where a pointed hat and fairy wings will be more appropriate than shorts and sunglasses.  Best of all, it is completely free to enter, though once inside vendors will do their best to encourage spending.

If the day's events still sound too mundane, Harry Potter fans should be aware that an exhibition match of Quidditch will be played during the festival as well.   After the match, future Quidditch players can take their own turn at the game.  After all, magic and mystery were facts of life in the Middle Ages, so what better place for a game centered on flying broomsticks?

Whatever the reason for attending, the 26th Annual Medieval Festival is an event that is not to be missed for New York residents of all boroughs.  Like Christmas, the festival comes but once a year and even better, it's free for the whole family and fun for all ages.  It is currently scheduled to be held Oct. 3, though a back up date of Oct. 10 has been selected if adverse weather threatens the original date.

by Lucrezia Wise